Pre Sedation instructions

stethoscopeFor patients who are scheduled to undergo IV sedation at our clinics. The following instructions should be adhered to prior to the procedure:

1. Please fast (no food) six hours prior to the scheduled time for the surgery

2. Plain water can be taken from six hours prior to surgery time up to two hours prior to surgery.

3. Complete nil by mouth (no water even) from two hours prior to surgical time.

4. Wear loose clothing and avoid wearing jewelry. Do not wear contact lenses.

5. Arrange for a responsible adult to bring you home after the surgery. Do not plan to go home on your own by taxi.

6. Plan to stay at home and have a further nap. Do not plan any activities for the rest of the day.

7. Do call our nurses if you are not feeling well. We will have to assess the situation and decide if the procedure should go ahead.

Please call us if you have any further questions regarding the sedation procedure

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