Post Surgery/Extraction Instructions

1 Please bite on the gauze for 1-2 hours before taking your next meal. Try not to change this gauze too often. Swallow your saliva to keep the gauze dry. This is to assist in stopping the initial bleeding. Keep a piece of gauze over the wound for the rest of the day and remove the gauze before bedtime.

2 DO NOT rinse unnecessarily. When rinsing, do it gently and avoid the wound. Do NOT exercise for the rest of the day.

3. For surgery cases, apply cold compress to the face for the rest of the day and also for the next two days if possible. This is to minimize facial swelling and also reduce the pain. (Cold packs can be made using a Ziplock bag filled with ice cubes, with or without a cloth cover.)

4. For the next few days, rinse the wound lightly after meals. if a mouthwash is provided, soak the wound with a small amount of the mouthwash after meals by holding the mouthwash at the site for a few minutes after brushing. Spit out the mouthwash and avoid rinsing for the next 15 minutes.

5. Soft diet is advised especially for surgery cases. the jaw may be sore and hence chewing may be impeded. Avoid crispy or hard kinds of food to avoid injury to the wound.

6. If a rash or swelling of the eyes or lips occur, it may be due to allergy to the medications given. Stop the medication and see a MEDICAL DOCTOR immediately. Bring the medication along for the doctor to see. You may need some medications to counter the allergy. PLEASE TREAT ALL ALLERGIES WITH URGENCY. SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY.

6. Please call our clinic at the above numbers if you have any further questions.

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