Post Sedation Instructions

IMG_1325For patients who have undergone sedation at our clinic, they will expect to feel a little dizzy when leaving the clinic. The following instructions should be followed:

1. Do not go home on your own, please arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you home. Do not plan to take a taxi home on your own. You may fall asleep in the taxi and not know where you are going.

2. DO NOT DRIVE for the rest of the day and night. Although you may feel in control, reaction time is much reduced and hence your reaction time to changing road conditions may be compromised.

2. Have a small light meal for a start. Do not eat oily food after sedation. Porridge, ice cream or soya bean curd are good options.

3. Have another short nap afterwards. It will help to wear off the rest of the medications.

4. Try to avoid calling your friends or work. Some patients have a short period of amnesia after sedation for about six hours. You may not recall what was said. Make sure someone is with you if you have to make calls. They person will help you recall if needed.

5. In some cases, patients may find it difficult to fall asleep at night, this is normal, do not be anxious. Some patients even stay up all night. Find something to do!

6. You should feel absolutely normal the day after.

Please call our staff if you have an questions about aftercare for sedation.

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