IV Sedation

IMG_1325Sedation In our clinic

Intravenous sedation is a technique which has been used in our clinic for many years. Sedation is usually used in minor oral surgery procedures such as wisdom tooth surgery, dental implant surgery or even multiple extractions. This method is suitable for most healthy patients.

Our sedation procedures are carried out by specialist anaesthetists whom we engage for individual cases. Our clinic is supported by a team of ten anaesthetists who perform sedation at our clinic on a routine basis.

The preparation includes fasting for six hours prior to the surgery. Our patients get come in about half an hour earlier and a numbing gel is placed on the hand so that the intravenous plug setup is more comfortable.

All other procedures and injections are done only after our patients are asleep. Hence, our patients are very comfortable right through. When the procedures are completed, the sedation medication is stopped and our patients awake. We reserve the room for our patients to rest for a few more hours and they are well enough to walk out of our clinic afterwards

Our patients are usually very pleased with the sedation option and it is a very comfortable option for oral surgery procedures. They also recommend it to their friends who are fearful of oral surgical procedures.



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