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19 Sept 2023: QZH:

Was looking for an oral surgeon for my mucocele and found this highly reviewed clinic. Dr Lim and his team guided me through the entire surgery procedure without any hiccups. Appreciate the care and guidance! Would give 6 stars if I could ☺️

17 July 2023: Mw:

Definitely recommend Dr. Lim. The whole process and procedures are very smooth, and the most important thing is that Dr. Lim’s technique is very good. My wisdom tooth is next to the nerve line. The dentists I consulted before said that this is a difficult operation. If the nerve line is injured, part of the mouth and tongue may be paralyzed for a period of time or permanently. However, after consulting Dr Lim, he said with confidence that this operation is not too difficult. Although there is still a risk of sequelae, he is confident that he can do it well. The recovery after the operation was very good, and the team also followed up and tracked the progress after the operation. I did not suffer from numbness, bleeding, etc., and the wound is recovering very well! I definitely recommend Dr. Lim. Thank you Dr. Lim and the team 🙂

绝对推荐Dr. Lim。整个流程还有手续非常顺利,最重要的Dr. Lim技术非常好。我的智慧牙靠在神经线的旁边,之前咨询过的牙医都说这是有一定难度的手术,如果伤到神经线,可能会造成部分口腔还有舌头一段时间或永久性麻痹的后遗症。可是咨询过Dr Lim 以后,他有把握说这并不是太高难度的手术,虽然还是有提醒后遗症的风险,但是他有信心可以做好。手术后康复非常好,团队也有在术后跟进追踪进度。我并没有承受麻痹、大出血等问题,目前伤口复原很好!我绝对会推荐Dr. Lim。谢谢Dr. Lim and the team 🙂

16 April 2023: Xing Tong:

I was referred to Dr Lim and his team from a GP for a mucocele excision procedure, overall I had an amazing experience 🙂

Dr Lim and the team did their best to make sure I experienced as little pain as possible and made it as comfortable as it could have been. To be very honest, I could’ve fallen asleep if it weren’t for the fact that they were actually doing a procedure in my mouth. You can tell Dr Lim loves his work and I found it quite entertaining that he seemed to be having fun and enjoying the process as well – it was something I appreciated as it was starkly different from some of the cold clinical settings I’ve seen. It’s not to say that he wasn’t professional (I do believe one can have fun while being fantastic at their job), he explained my condition and how it arose, how the procedure would go, and even how the recovery could go as well. Plus, the procedure went faster than expected as well.

tldr; Dr Lim and his team were super kind and attentive prior to, during and even post-procedure

12 Jan 2023: Alex Chan:

Last week, Dr Lim removed 2 of my lower impacted wisdom teeth, under the gum (it was growing close to the nerve, and would not erupt, so he advised to remove). He explained the procedures and risks to us patiently. The nurse Serina was also very good in explaining and scheduling the appointments. (3 appointments, 1 consult, 1 surgery (2hr surgery, 1hr xray + resting to wake up after surgery), 1 followup/remove stitches) Since it is 2 teeth, the anaesthesia used is sedation and the anaesthetist Dr Kenneth Tan is friendly and developed a numbing cream of the back of the hands so patients will not feel the IV. I think the surgery was done skillfully, since the hole wasnt too big and the bleeding/swelling wasn’t too bad and I can feel my tongue and lips. The Drs really go the extra mile to make sure the experience is as pain free as possible, which I’m thankful for. Even when taking out stitches 1 week later, Dr Lim removed it delicately. Overall, had a good experience removing 2 of my teeth here.

13 Aug 2022: Daniel Wong:

Was referred to Dr Lim by my dentist to remove the remains of a tooth as the top part has completely broken off.
Dr Lim explained the whole process and also what he’s about to do before every step. He also made sure the whole procedure was as painless as possible. He even used numbing gel before injection of the anesthetic. Great for those with low pain threshold. Lastly he was very fair in his fees. Highly recommended!

17 Aug 2022: Fanny Ung:

Yesterday 16/08/2022 DR Lim did a surgery to remove my wisdom tooth.I had a great experience and the process was very smooth! DR Lim was very profesional and explained in detail to me the process and the risk before surgery start. In the end, I was surprised that I didn’t feel any pain after surgery.
Thank you Dr Lim and your staff

26 Aug 2021: Renbin Koh:

Very smooth and great experience with Dr Lim. He explain to me very professionally and in details for my extraction of molar tooth and also the risk it will turn out to be a surgery as my molar has complication. Even in the end i had a surgery but i have a painless experience, also thanks to the staffs. They are very professional of handing the patients infact clam me down a lot due to i am very nervous. Overall is a 5 stars well deserve!

25 July 2021: Jackeline Seah:

Any visit to the dental clinic is usually scary but Dr Lim is one dentist that always make me feel less afraid. The clinic is clean and comfortable. The receptionists are friendly (especially Ophelia).

Dr Lim explains all procedures clearly in very layman terms. He will check that I understood what was happening and what were the options opened to me.

I’ve been to the clinic twice not counting the removal of stitches. First time to remove 2 wisdom teeth, second time to remove 2 wisdom teeth and 4 premolars. Both extraction experiences have been a breeze.

17 July 2021: Olivia:

Smooth wisdom tooth extraction with Dr Lim 5 years ago. He is very gentle and careful during the operation. I felt being taken care by proper hands as he explained every single step as he proceeded.

I have a few wisdom teeth and the last one was extracted by Dr Lim. I can tell from personal experience how this is different from the first time when the doctor asked my mom to leave the room because the scene was too bloody for a mother to watch.

Super happy with the result and no issues at all, giving its already 5 years after the surgery, nerves intact. Though his service is way above average market price, I still felt that it’s money well spent.

05 July 2021: Revathy Narayanan:

I was referred by my dentist to consult Dr.Lim, for my wisdom tooth surgery. He is one of the best doctors Ive seen. He is very friendly and explained so clearly what the problem is and what needs to be done. I wud highly recommend him for people who are in search of the best oral surgeon in Singapore.

15 June 2021: Tan:

Went for a upper wisdom tooth extraction, there was no pain throughout the process and was very fast done. Dr Lim is very skillful and professional.
He has ease my fear for tooth extraction.

Highly recommended. Thank you very much Dr Lim!

15 May 2021: Brian Wong:

I’ve had a great experience with Dr Lim and his team. When faced with a wisdom tooth emergency, he was able to squeeze me in and was able to perform surgery ASAP. Their post-surgery care was also top class.

Sept 2019: CK Liaw:

Dr. Lim is very patient oriented with professional recommendations for your consideration and decision. I have a pleasant experience (teeth extraction) and confident with Dr. Lim. Every step is briefed and carried out with patience (no rush) . And, I am recovered the next day with zero pain experience. Too bad, I have wasted almost all the painkillers and MC as well (return to work next day).

10 March 2009: Thank you Ann for your livejournal post:

I had the first operation in my life.

Wisdom tooth operation. Not of a big deal to many. But, to the extent of the urgency of the operation, it came as a shock to me.

No mental preparation. “You don’t have a choice, I have to operate on you now,” the oral & maxillofacial surgeon told me. It was after 6pm at that point of time.

The pain and discomfort on me was too much than anything else. I agreed, signed on the dotted line and proceeded for the emergency operation. 2% permanent loss of sensation to my left lower lip as my gigantic tooth was just sitting on top of my nerve. Goodness, I was thinking.

I had my left cheek swollen to the size of a tennis ball. Lumpy, painful, unable to open my mouth half as much as the normal size, difficulty and pain with swallowing.

I had a dental abcess under my wisdom tooth. My tooth was fine, just the infection of soft tissues. The wisdom tooth need to be taken out immediately in order to drain the abcess and remove the cause of infection. By then, The infection has already spreaded downwards towards my chin and over my cheek muscles. I was having cellulitis. =_=

One full day of going round and round seeing different doctors, unsure, referrals here and there, waiting in pain and wrong diagnosis.

That day, I woke up in pain, waited for the GP clinic to open. I was running a slight temperature then. Suspected mumps or other infection to salivary gland or stone in salivary gland. Don’t think is dental, the doctor told me. Prescribed 2 strong antibotics and review the next morning or earlier if condition worsen.

Went home, couldn’t sleep. Turn and toss. Pain and discomfort. Dad brought porridge and juice for me. That’s the only intake I got for the whole day other than a bowl of soya beancurd in the morning. The rest of the day I had absolutely nothing other than medicine and injections.

By early afternoon, I discovered the swelling had become bigger even after the first dose of the 2 antibotics. I was feeling more and more unwell. Worried. Scared. Alone.

Called BB. He came back home for me =) Luckiliy. Brought me to the same GP again. By then, there was noticable increase in the swelling even for the doctor. Measured my temperature. I was running a higher fever than morning.

Urgent referral to NUH ENT clinic for scanning, she told me. The clinic assistant managed to arrange a appointment as a subsidized patient because I was a ex-patient at the clinic.

At NUH, because I was a subsidized patient, an MO saw me. My God, hell started. She followed the textbook, went step by step, saw that I did a scope previously and wanted to do a scope for me again. Keep asking my nose problem and whether I had any family history of cancer thrice. I told her there is no problem with my nose then, and it is the obvious swelling and pain that is bothering me. But she insisted that a scoping procedure for my nose is necessary.

Well, she had her wish. Done and she told me there seems nothing wrong with my nose. Obviously!! She again asked me if I had any family cancer history. I was petty pissed off with her by then and questioned her if she is suggesting that she is suspecting me of having cancer.

The MO then suggest that I go back and continue taking the medicine. That’s all? I was real appalled by her “professionlism”. So I asked her, what is it then? Mumps? “Could be”, she said. Stone in saliva gland?

Obviously, she wasn’t sure!! I told her firmly that it is perfectly because I was serious and that’s why I am here now. And you ask me to go back again? She then said, “If you want, we can admit you and put you on IV antibotics and observe.”

Perhaps, the dissatisfaction with her professionalism was so clearly written on my face that she in the end decided to get her senior doctor to review me. I tell you I really cannot believe she is qualified!!!!!

The senior doctor came, in less than 3 minutes of examination, he confirmed that it is neither mumps nor stones as the swelling position was not at my salivary glands. Upon checking, inside my mouth, he was quick to identify that there was a dental abcess and my swelling was high likely to be dental-related.

The MO and the GP also did examine my cheeks and inside my mouth, but none of them had done a proper disgnosis.

It was 4pm by then. I have been in pain for already more than half a day. Referred to NUH dental centre. Again, a big mistake. 1 hour of waiting and no dentist attended to me. And what’s more, the dentists walking in and out there looks as young as the MO at the ENT who did a nose scope on me for nothing.

Anyway, I was too in pain that I have no strength to argue and paid for the stupid nose scoping that did not contribute to my diagnosis at all. Only more discomfort with tube into my nose with my already very swollen cheeks.

Ended up, called my orthodontist at Mount Elizabeth. He asked me to come down immediately and will see me as it was definitely an emergency.

Luckily, he called up the surgeon who was his colleague and he was still in and agreed to see me. Thank God. I was in good hands and went through the surgery smoothly.

I really want to thank all the staff and the surgeon who stayed back overtime to do the emergency operation on me even when the clinic was already closed The care and concern by the nurses and all were unforgettable. He is the nicest doctor/dentist/surgeon/specialist I have ever consulted. His professionalism, patience and assurance to a nervous and panicky me were essentials at the operating chair. He is Dr. Lim Kheng Ann from Mount Elizabeth. I want to write and send you a thank you card =) It is the first time I want to do that. From my heart.

5 days of MC and several reviews. Post-operation was much better. Swelling went down significantly. Just removed the stitches last Saturday. Tightened my braces also, woo…

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