Difference Between Dental GP clinics and Specialist Oral Surgeons


Dental Clinics in Singapore are generally divided into general practices and specialist practices. Specialist Oral Surgeons is a specialist practice. Here, we treat cases requiring specialist oral surgical intervention. Being a specialist practice, we do not practice general dentistry or any of the other dental specialties. What is so unique about our clinic is that we are the only oral surgery practice in Singapore that practices solely oral surgery. You can say that we are experts in this area as we do nothing else. There are many other ‘oral surgery’ clinics in Singapore, however, in these practices, there are also other disciplines practicing in the same clinic.

Our clinic works with a large network of dental surgeons and dental specialists.  We receive referrals from our dental practitioner colleagues as well as other dental specialists for cases requiring specialist oral surgical work. Our network with our other colleagues are very well established and inter-referrals are simple and seamless. For convenience, we arrange all the subsequent appointments for our patients with the other dental specialists through their familiar staff.

Do enquire with our staff regarding referrals to the other dental specialists.

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