White lesions in the mouth

White lesions in the mouth
White lesion in the mouth

The skin of the mouth, also known as the mucosa, is often prone to changes. In some cases, the changes can be whitish areas in the cheek region or even the gums and tongue. If these white lesions are associated with symptoms, like intolerance to spicy food, the lesions should be examined by an oral & maxillofacial surgeon.

In most cases, with the clinical history and the appearance, the oral & maxillofacial surgeon will be able to arrive at a provisional clinical diagnosis. To ascertain the accurate diagnosis, a biopsy is usually required. Only after the histological diagnosis is obtained, will the accurate diagnosis be made.

The biopsy is usually a small procedure where a small portion of the mucosa is sampled. The wound is stitched up and will usually heal over in a week. In some cases, there may be a need for further surgery to treat the lesions. If you have whitish looking lesions in the mouth which is persistent, do see the oral & maxillofacial surgeon, especially if you smoke and consume alcohol on a regular basis as well.

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