Tumours of the jaw

Tumours of the jaw
Lower jaw tunour

Growths or tumours involving the upper or lower jaws are quite rare. However, they do occur and are usually without symptoms until the jaw tumour is rather large. The enlargement will lead to expansion of the jaw and hence the face. This is usually the stage where patients begin to notice the jaw tumour.

Jaw tumours can be hard or soft and can lead to changes in the bite. The teeth associated with the jaw tumours can also sometimes become loose and dislodge spontaneously. In most cases, jaw tumours can be detected on the standard OPG Xray image. Once discovered, the oral & maxillofacial surgeon will send the patient for further investigations which may include a CT Scan.

In most cases, a sample needs to be taken for analysis to determine the type of jaw tumour. The treatment plan will be decided based on the type of jaw tumour diagnosed by histology.

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