Ulcers In The Mouth

Oral Ulcers

Oral ulcers are very common among our patients. We usually experience some pain and inconvenience in the mouth with the presence of oral ulcers. Many patients associate ulcers with stressful times like examination periods. In most cases, it is a harmless form of oral ulcer known as Minor Aphthous ulcer.

Minor Aphthous Ulcers – usually appear as small round lesion of less than 5mm and generally recovers after about and within two weeks. Sometimes, when one ulcer disappears from one area, another appears elsewhere.

Major Aphthous Ulcers – are larger than the Minor version and is more painful. These ulcers stay for longer and tend to leave behind scars.

Herpetiform Ulcers – are small multiple ulcers appearing in clusters in the mouth These are usually less painful and lasts for a few weeks.

Longer lasting ulcers should always be investigated. Ulcers can be associated with other systemic diseases and some can also be cancerous in nature.

If ulcers do not resolve after two weeks, we advise patients to see a dentist or oral surgeon. If you have a non-healing ulcer in the mouth, do call our staff at +65 62353688 to come in for a check.


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