Relaxation of Covid Restrictions

Dear Friends, we are so happy that Covid restrictions are relaxed and our patients, local and foreign, are coming back to see us for treatment. While we no longer restrict the number of accompanying persons, we hope that our patients and their accompanying all still practice good hand hygiene and wear a mask while in our clinic.

Easing of COVID restrictions

Minor Oral Surgery

As COVID restrictions are eased, more of our patients and our friends from overseas are coming back in for treatment. If you are not feeling well or have a cough or runny nose, do call us to postpone your appointment. We will turn away patients who are symptomatic. Do a self test ART at home as a precaution and rest well. For the protection of our staff and other patients, we will still maintain our ONE PATIENT – ONE ACCOMPANYING PERSON policy. We will take all precautions to thoroughly sanitise our clinical surfaces between patients. We seek your understanding in this matter, Thank you.

Do all toothaches mean extraction?

Missing teeth after extractions can be replaced with a Denture, a Bridge or a Dental Implant

Having a toothache? Most toothaches are due to decay on our teeth. Sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet food could mean a small decay. Spontaneous throbbing pain could mean that the nerves within the pulp chamber of our teeth have become infected. In such cases, if the tooth is fairly intact, a root canal can be done to save the tooth. If the structure of the tooth is no good, then an extraction will be needed. There are many replacement options. If you have extracted a tooth and need a replacement, Call Us at 62353688, and our nurses will be able give you some advice.

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish our patients and friends a Happy and Fruitful 2022! It has been a tough 2021 but at the same time it has flown past us very speedily. We hope that 2022 will be a more “normal’ year with many more good news to come.

Intra-Venous Sedation – a great alternative!

Many people are fearful of WISDOM TOOTH surgery and naturally so! Who wouldn’t be! Fortunately, we are one of the few SPECIALIST ORAL SURGERY clinics in Singapore offering IV SEDATION by SENIOR CONSULTANT ANESTHETISTS. It’s simple, our patients come in late morning, get their surgeries done and rest in our clinic for a few hours and off they go late afternoon. It is also done at our clinic and this SAVES costs. There is no need to use a Day Surgery Centre. Call our staff at 62353688 if you need more information.