Dental Implants

Dental implants are common today. Dr Lim is a pioneer oral surgeon for dental implant surgery in the 90s. He […]

Sedation for wisdom tooth surgery

Many people are fearful of WISDOM TOOTH surgery and naturally so! Who wouldn’t be! Fortunately, we are one of the few SPECIALIST ORAL […]

New Surgeon Dr Teo Kai Wen

Dr Teo Kai Wen graduated from the university of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Dental Science degree. He returned […]

Our New Videos!

We have new videos on our website! This one is an introduction to impacted wisdom teeth. You can find out […]

Happy National Day!

It is our 57th National Day! 57 years of nation building. Happy Birthday! Singapore!!

Relaxation of Covid Restrictions

Dear Friends, we are so happy that Covid restrictions are relaxed and our patients, local and foreign, are coming back […]

Easing of COVID restrictions

As COVID restrictions are eased, more of our patients and our friends from overseas are coming back in for treatment. […]

Do all toothaches mean extraction?

Having a toothache? Most toothaches are due to decay on our teeth. Sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet food could […]