Intra-Venous Sedation – a great alternative!

Many people are fearful of WISDOM TOOTH surgery and naturally so! Who wouldn’t be! Fortunately, we are one of the few SPECIALIST ORAL SURGERY clinics in Singapore offering IV SEDATION by SENIOR CONSULTANT ANESTHETISTS. It’s simple, our patients come in late morning, get their surgeries done and rest in our clinic for a few hours and off they go late afternoon. It is also done at our clinic and this SAVES costs. There is no need to use a Day Surgery Centre. Call our staff at 62353688 if you need more information.

What is Cone Beam C T Scan in dentistry

Cone Beam CT scans are used to determine the bone width and height in the planning for dental implants. This is a more accurate way to ensure that the implants can be well placed and important structures are avoided. Today, this is the gold standard for dental implant planning. In some dental software programs, the images can be loaded and the implants planned virtually. A stent is fabricated through the software and used for the surgery. This is known as guided surgery.